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EQmod alignment..

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Can anyone help me please. Is there an idiots guide to alignment routine on eqmod, I have read the instructions and am totally confused and still cannot find how to go about aligning my scope.

Am I being totally stupid. PLEASE HELP!!!!:blob10:

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The goto alignment procedure is quite simple:

  1. Using the planetarium program, slew to a star
  2. At the mount, centre the star with a high power reticule eyepiece (or use a camera “bulls-eye”). This is best accomplished with a game pad but you can also use EQASCOM's nudge buttons / spiral search etc.
  3. Using the planetarium program, issue a 'sync' command on the target star. A new alignment point will be added.
  4. Repeat 1-3 for each alignment point you wish to add.

The above is taken from the EQASCOM guide/wiki - which bit is confusing you?


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