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Skywatcher Synguider Autoguider Focusing

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Last Monday I tried my Skywatcher Synguider for the first time. I had the autoguider fitted directly to the back of my Skywatcher Startravel 80mm refractor but could not get a star to even show never mind focus.

My question is would I need an extender between the autoguider and the ST80 or should this set up work as it is?

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It's very likely as you have to add back in the distance lost by removing the diagonal.

I tend to use a 50mm extension with my fracs which means the focuser is racked in a lot more.

Take some time setting up a parafocal EP for the Synguider start on a very bright star .. vega is handy at the moment... i am using a 12mm reticule EP that getting the guide star in the center circle of the reticule pretty much guarantees it will be on the chip when you switch to the Synguider...


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Thanks Peter I will make sure I sort a parfocal EP next time I'm out.

I have a meade 9mm corded reticule (wish I'd opted for the non corded version now) that I use with my LX200. I've tried making a small lead so I can connect this to my power supply but it just wouldn't work. Do you know what voltage is needed for the 9mm corded reticule?

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