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1st imaging session in 3 months


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Wiped the dust and spiders off everything last night to give my 314L a go, not had a chance to play with it much since I got it back in April so Im still learning.

This is 2 hours in 6nm Ha through my OTB 102ED.

I was hoping to pull a bit more of the fainter regions out by combining with an hour from the other week but that failed. But this has got quite a bit of stuff in it.

Ive still alot to learn especially in the processing part, taking pics is easy compared to that.

So heres my effort




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Sorry but what's an OTB 102? Is it a refractor with a fairly slow f ratio? If so that might be why you haven't got as much outer nebulosity as you'd have liked. However, it is there. Are you sure you have stretched it sufficiently aggressively? Also be very careful not to black clip it because the outer halo is only just out of the noise at the best of times. And finally how long were your subs? The faint stuff needs time to climb out of the noise.

But in any event it's a very clean image indeed.


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Thanks Olly

OTB102ED = Orion Telescopes & Binoculars 102ED F7 refractor, a lovely little and under rated scope.

Yep I was working at F7 so things need time. My subs were 5 minutes but I reckon I need a bit longer to pull the fainter stuff out as you suggest. If its clear again tonight I may try a few longer subs my guidings up to it on the CGE


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