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Need help with my solar observing.


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In the past i have bought 2 sheets of the Badder solar film. With one sheet i made a pretty good filter for my 90EQ. It lasted me 3 yrs. I binned it recently because it gather too much dust and i didnt trust its quality any longer.

More recently i bought a new sheet of solar film from FLO and i did my best to construct a "box" solar filter for my 20X90 binoculars.

The damn thing fell apart in a couple of weeks.

The moral of the story is that i am completely USELESS at DIY.

So i now find myself in the position of seeking help.

Is ANYONE here willing to purchase the materials needed to construct a solar filter for my new 70mm Celestron Travelscope and then ship it to me. I WILL of course cover all costs. I can send you a cheque.

Maybe FLO sell such a filter for a 70mm scope?. I will check.

I dont want to spend a lot of money. The scope only cost me 90 euro (inc delivery).

Thanks in advance.


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Thanks Ray. The 70-85mm filter will do fine. Its not too expensive. I'll get myself one of those in a couple of weeks.

I'm a bit weary of using SnS because of the bad rep they have by many people but i can only try.


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If i buy from them and all works out i'll be happy. If it all goes belly up then i will have a reason to complain in public here. I'll be happy.

So either way i will be happy. Doesnt get better then that,LOL.

I have just been thinking.................£27 for an aluminium housed solar filter is a really GOOD price. If i was to buy a sheet of solar film and all the bits i need to construct it that it would cost more the £27.

I'd be using it on my 70mm travelscope so that is more then enough apeture. The apeture is 70mm so the OD on the scope is gonna be just slightly bigger so the 70-85mm filter should fit fine.

I think i'll go for it.

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