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Astorb in CdC

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Has anyone successfully added the Astorb file (from Lowell Observatory) to Cartes du Ciel?

I downloaded it and installed it in the \cat\planet folder, but when I switch to it, all the asteroids move by enormous amounts compared to CBAT (like suddenly disappearing below the horizon!).

Attached is a set of data for 29 Amphitrite from both database files:

: Astorb : CBAT

Equinox : 2000 : 2000

Epoch : 2010072 : 20100104

M anomoly : 232.32609 : 183.9269

e : 0.0733513 : 0.073270

peri : 62.93082 : 63.0125

node : 356.48699 : 356.4867

incl : 6.09665 : 6.0967

a : 2.5537112 : 2.553755

Magn H : 5.8 : 5.85

G : 0.2 : 0.20

The only element that seems to be dramatically different is "M anomoly" (232 cf 183) but I don't know enough about these elements to know if this could be accounted for by the difference in epoch dates.

Has anyone successfully installed this update? Am I missing something incredibly obvious (no surprise there, then!)?

Thanks for your help.

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