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PecPrep result

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I lapped my RA gears a couple of weeks ago and here's the first result, looks pretty good but then again i might be reading it wrong :)

I had a high spot that was constantly binding no matter what adjustments I did and under the watchful eye's of my next door engineer neighbor we lapped the RA until the binding disappeared, it didn't take much lapping to remove the high spot. I still need todo a polish lap as we had nothing fine enough todo this, Ive been told chrome wheel polish (the stuff in a tube) should be ideal, we did try Tcut but its too runny

Anyhow here's the first result


Here's a link to my last graph sometime ago


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I'm fascinated by some of this techy stuff, so long as it doesn't involve software. That is one hell of a flash looking graph but what does it all mean? How many revs of the worm are there from one end of the graph to the other? Looking at the top graph, what is the unit for the amplitude? I have attached a screen grab from a recent session showing my guide error which I realise is not PEC. The amplitude scale is +/- 1 pixel which equates to about 6 arc seconds due to guider binning. So the RMS error is 0.06-0.1 pix or 0.36 to 0.6 arc secs. There is no PE visible as it has been guided out, the length of the graph is 10 minutes or just over one rev of the worm.

Without having all those figures to ogle, how would you say my mount compares to yours? Edit: I forgot to mention, ignore the peaks - they are due to dithering.



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