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Huge fireball over the Middle East - 8 June 2010

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Hopefully I have posted this in the right area.

At 21:52pm local time on 8 June 2010 myself and the good lady observed a huge slow moving fireball as it passed over Cyprus in a South to North direction towards Turkey.

It was visible for at least 20-30 seconds, yellow/green in colour with a orange/yellow trail.

The previous night I had my camera and tripod out to image the Mars/Regulus conjunction, oh how I wish I had not packed it away:(

Is there anyway to find out more about this object and if anyone else observed it?

Many thanks


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I know South Korea attempted to put it's first satellite into orbit around that time, but it failed to insert it. It could have veered off in the direction you were, and burning up as it re entered the atmosphere. It seems unlikel;y it was the same thing, but other than it being a large meteor, I know of nothing else that would fit the bill.


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Thanks Ron,

It would be great to put a tag on this object. Just by the sheer size and brightness coupled with the long duration I'm expecting to see reports of multiple sightings locally.

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