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5x Powermate on a PST with a webcam?

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Wondering if this will reach focus as Anthony has one for sale, and Starman (Pete Lawrence) has used one to stunning effect with a different camera. Mine's an SC3 from Astronomiser if that helps.

Reason for the question, PSTs are a pain when it comes to getting stuff to focus. Using an eyepiece works great, but a webcam like mine (and a DSLR) will only work with a Barlow. From the Televue website, it appears that the Powermate doesn't change the focus point like a conventional Barlow lens, so it might not work. Anybody had a go yet?

Might need one anyway when some big planets come around again, but it will need to do double duty to justify the cost in the short term.


Captain Chaos

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I have been reading about that Arthur, and putting the etalon in an expensive APO (how much spectrum spread are they expecting?), and other high stake gambling. Rumour has it that newer models have a really important filter in the bit you wrestle off though, so I don't wan't to risk messing it all up. Mine works with a normal (Skywatcher) Barlow ATM so if I got a 5X and had to use it with another Barlow, it would be too much I fear. Better then to go for a 2.5X plus the one I have.

Captain Chaos

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No - I think you are referring to a different mod CC. I mean the EP holder (the 1.25" bit) sits on top of a spacer about 25 mm high. This unscrews (but it's loctited so needs a bit of a tug) and then you screw the EP holder back in. Bingo - an instant 25mm more in-travel.

The other mod involves ditching the pointy end and screwing in a 2" adapter to the etalon/diagonal assembly and using a suitable refractor, fitting an ERF over the cell. However, these ERF's are hard to come by... :wink: :nono:


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