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Solar Activity 22 Mar


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The morning dawned cloudy after overnight rain but a clearance developed during the morning. Sadly it was short lived, heavy showers soon moving in, but I did manage to observe between the front clearing and the arrival of the first shower.

The overview shots show a Sun which is steadily becoming less active.


2010 Mar 22, 1003 UT. Coronado PST CaK @ f/10, DMK41.


2010 Mar 22, 1008 UT. Solarscope 60 @ f/5, DMK41. (Disc and proms exposed seperately)

AR1056 has a medium sized "white light" spot and several spotlets but there is no other activity visible in white light.


2010 Mar 22, 1027 UT. WO FLT 110 @ f/28, Baader solar film (ND 5.0), DMK21.

AR 1056 is also interesting in CaK and in Ha, where it is enhanced by the persistent filament to its west:


2010 Mar 22, 1034 UT. WO FLT 110 @ f/21, Lunt B1200 CaK diagonal, DMK21


2010 Mar 22, 1011 UT. Solarscope 60 @ f/24, DMK21

The pair of filaments in the south east sector remain a prominent feature in Ha. Very interesting how the long filament maintains its tight shape in the apparent absence of magnetic activity nearby ... obviously there is a strong magnetic field at the altitude of the filament if not at chromospheric level!


2010 Mar 22, 1010 UT. Solarscope 60 @ f/24, DMK21.

Prominences are not remarkable. There is a smallish, low "hedgerow" on the west limb and another on the east limb.


1014 UT. SV60 @ f/24, DMK21


1015 UT. SV60 @ f/24, DMK21

The largest prominences are actually on the north east limb, though they're pretty faint:


1016 UT. SV60 @ f/24, DMK21

Transparency very good though with building shower cloud. Seeing fair but with moderate boiling when using the FLT 110. Temperature 11C (dropping to 7C as showers arrived), wind W force 3-4 gusting 5.

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Perhaps a bit OT re. the imaging, but:

Is there a decent book, that goes a little beyond the mere naming of solar features, to explain their possible interrelationships? It must indeed be interesting to at least speculate what's going on in these splendid images... :)

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