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Hi all,

As a beginner with only a few months experience I am starting to build up a load of useful bookmarks in my browser. I think a useful addition to the sticky threads in this beginners section would be a "top 20 useful links" thread.

Im talking about useful applications, documents, articles, tables, videos, diagrams etc etc. I think we should avoid online shops as we dont want to give them free advertising, do we?:)

Hopefully the moderators will join in and help make the end product all nice and shiny (and sticky!).

What we need is: the title of the useful link, a brief description and of course the link itself.

Ill get us started then:

Stellarium - an amazing virtual night sky, that allows you to see what the sky is like at your own location, right now! You can fast forward, rewind, pause, zoom-in etc etc. Its good for locating things and for planning a session


Happy Pasting


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Thanks to david o for these:

On the Cloudy Nights forum, simply the best explanation of astronomical seeing I have come across - The Atmosphere and Observing - A guide to Astronomical seeing.

A weather site that can generate a localized astronomical forecast - 7Timer's APanel (Astroweather Panel).

Planetarium freeware (Windows) that doesn't hog your system's resources, can control scopes and has plugins to extend basic functionality and access various star/comet catalogues - StarCalc.

A simple FoV calculator - Telescope Field Of View And Power Calculator.

Something a bit more complete - Ken's Telescope Calculator.

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another two here:

FOV calculator from skyatnight website which shows how big a celestial body will look in your eyepiece/scope:


Sirius Stargazing channel on youtube - nice interesting and educational little videos about astronomy and stargazing:

YouTube - SiriusStargazing's Channel

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