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Sensor cleaning


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I was having a quick look round at sensor cleaning methods the other night

when I came across some people having problems. It seems that at least Canon

and maybe others are putting coatings on the outside of their slip filters.

Certain cleaning methods can damage these coatings. The main topic was

regarding the 5D. There are now less aggressive fluids out there. This may

give you an idea of what I'm talking about.

Eclipse vs. E2 Sensor Cleaner - January 2009 - picturelineNews

I've now got a few nasties on my D70 so got very interested. I was erring on

the side of the Arctic butterfly. I've done the blower brush method but the

bunnies seem to reappear. Could even be the same ones.

What are others using and how are you coping ? I know about flats but don't

use them much during the day :)

This is note is intended for non modded cameras.


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