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Solar Activity 13 Dec (disc)


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Further to my report on the prominences, posted earlier:

The active area has a small spot visible in white light, but I was unable to make a convincing image of it. The spot is visible as a dark spot in the detailed CaK image, at the extreme preceding (right hand) end of the obvious active area. In the image there are also indications of several pores embedded in the AA, though these were not seen in white light.


2009 Dec 13, 1158 UT. Lunt CaK B1200, 60mm @ f/16.7, IS DMK41

Note the spidery network of bright "lines" between the main AA and the limb. In Ha this area also appears disturbed.


2009 Dec 13, 1149 UT. Solarscope 60 @ f/16, IS DMK41

The dark "splotches" are genuine solar features - prominences seen projected against the bright chromospheric emission - not dust bunnies!

Seeing fair, transparency poor (thin high cloud), solar altitude 11.4 degrees.

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