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Help with synscan upgrade

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Hi I fitted a synscan Pro Goto upgrade kit for my HEQ5 3 months ago and everything seemed to be working fine until I wanted to test a GPUSB guide port adapter. I aimed my scope at a chimney picked a spot and the results were

No movement + RA (left)

Fast movement – RA (right)

Slow movement +DEC (up)

Slow movement - DEC (down)

I then Disconnected the GPUSB and checked the mounts motor movements. Everything above a slew speed of rate 2=8X worked fine.

When selecting Rate 1=1X and below there was no movement +RA (left) but all other directions seemed fine.

If anybody has any ideas on what the problem could be or any ideas on what to do next I would be very great full.

Thanks Dean

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ummm... if the mount was tracking normally (at 1x RA "right") while you were testing it, then telling the mount to slew at 1x (RA "Left") would make the mount effectively stop in RA. Telling it to track 1x RA "Right" would be now running at 2x normal speed. I dont think there is anything wrong here...

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Thanks for the reply Steve

That makes sense the only thing is I dont think I was testing it in tracking mode because I wanted to listen to the sound of the motors moving while testing. But I will check again when the power tank has recharged. Thanks for your help with this.

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