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Today's sun with spots

Kaptain Klevtsov

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I had a quick go at solar observing yesterday with some baader film i ordered. Managed to mangle together a filter for my 100mm objective from cardboard (actually used the envelope the film came in!) and after carefully removing my finder had a peek. Took a little while to centre the sun, and when i did i found it hard to focus. I ended up with just a white disc with no detail decernable. The clouds that kept coming and going didn't really help me and today it's raining. Typical. I'll have another go if the weather picks up.

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Gordon, I find focussing a total pain with the sun. The thing is that the edges fade with the limb darkening, so that you can't easily use the edge to judge the best focus. IF you can find a spot at low Mag. and get it centred, you should be able to refocus at higher Mag.


Captain Chaos

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