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Meteor Activity from Britain MAY


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May 2006

Increasing twilight overnight characterises May, until by month's end, astronomical twilight never ceases for virtually all mainland UK sites. May's major shower, the ? Aquarids, is always a tricky target from our latitudes too, since its radiant rises so soon before dawn, though the waxing Moon this year presents no additional distraction. I've sometimes picked up the occasional long-pathed ? Aquarid in strengthening twilight near the end of a night's watching in mid-May, so it is worth persevering to try. We're also asking observers to keep an eye out in case any meteors from Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 should chance-by in late May or early June. During both months, much of the major shower activity switches to the daytime sky, observable chiefly by radio methods

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