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Comet 12p/Pons-Brooks june 3rd, 2024

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A very nice surprise when i imaged it this week, the comet is showing a very long antitail. 
it should be at its sharpest in 2 days, i’ll still be here to image it. 

no stacking possible for the moment, unfortunately, those will have to wait until next week. 
single frame, 60 seconds, Esprit 80ed, am5, asi071 mc pro.

taken from Namibia, Rooisand desert ranch. 


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Stacked the data from that night. Quite pleased with seeing some detail in the tail to the left. Might try to do a cleaner stack with less star trails for effect. 



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I've completely lost track of this comet due to its southern declination, it's a fine target still!

The single exposure image is very nice as a final image. No doubt thanks to the excellent sky you had. 

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I had some follow up on the comet data, here's some more images to share:

Having it so low on the horizon did not make it easy; dust from the desert sometimes acted up, causing gradients. As did the horizon on some subs..






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