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Anyone read Vera Rubin, A life?

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This looks interesting but, on Kindle, it's rather expensive and has a large file size.  This makes me wonder if the book's format will be appropriate to a Kindle. Pictures, graphs and graphic illustrations don't work well on the Kindle, for me.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Olly.

I’ve not read this book yet although it looks interesting.

A quick look at the Kindle preview for “Vera Rubin, A life” shows several monochrome plates and there could be some colour plates in there too, neither of which are displayed on a Kindle Reader’s monochrome-only screen at a high dynamic range, which the Kindle Reader’s “e-Ink” screen was never designed for anyway, even though the Kindle book’s source file does contain the graphics in a high quality format.

I’ll mention this in case you don’t already know. You can install the free Kindle App’ on a tablet, laptop, PC, or Mac and login to your Kindle account from any of those device and download/share your Kindle library across all those devices simultaneously, for no extra cost, which is how I view my own Kindle library of technical engineering and scientific literature.

For my engineering and science Kindle library books, I’m often using those as a reference source while working in a different application on one of the Mac’s and the Kindle App’ would be open on the same device simultaneously, where the Kindle book’s graphics content can be viewed in full colour and at high quality.

I often begin reading a general interest book with a graphics content on the Kindle Reader and concentrate on the text, if I need to look at the plates in greater detail then I can return to those later in the Kindle App’ on my iPad, MacBook or MacStudio.


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If you're an android user, Google Play Books has a sample (that includes the pictures) to see what you think of the quality on a phone or tablet.

£16.22 as an ebook for the full text

I have generally been happy with books by the Mittons (my first 'proper' astro book was 'Exploring the Galaxies' by Simon Mitton) 

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