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Buy / Sell Safety Warning

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Tonight we have banned a potential scammer using an old, unused members account to post potentially fake adverts to try and lure SGL members. Please be very careful with any online adverts and if it looks to good to be true, it probably is!

Ways to keep safe include never use the PayPal friends and family option - whilst this might save on PayPal fees it offers no protection if anything goes wrong.

Always take every precaution before parting with your money and on SGL it’s probably a good idea to look into the members user history - if somebody has been a member for years but hasn’t posted in a long time and suddenly starts posting classified ads it may be worth flagging this to the moderation team so we can take a look.

It is also important to keep your SGL account safe, never reuse passwords you use elsewhere and consider turning on 2fa in your security settings. Unfortunately there are now so many data leaks out there and so many people reusing the same credentials across numerous sites that credential stuffing is a real and present threat to internet security.

Stay safe out there folks and please continue to raise anything suspicious by reporting it.

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