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Why everyone needs a banana in their kit box.....

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Hi Andy,

Great job, but help me here.  What did you do?  This what I think you did, please tell me if I'm wrong:

1 - Bought two RAA Muon Detector kits here: https://www.ukraa.com/store/categories/cosmic-rays/muon-detector-kit.

2 - And two enclosures here: https://www.ukraa.com/store/categories/cosmic-rays/muon-detector-enclosure.

3 - Assembled them both;

4 - Tested them with the Beta particles from a naturally occuring K40 source (bananas);

Is that right?

How do you then test for actual cosmic ray muons, and how do you distinguish between Muons and Beta particles?

Total cost was about £328?

Kind regards,


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Yes I presented at Astrofest. I am trying to encourage people to consider alternatives to traditional amateur astronomy. Yes I bought these detectors - which is why I wanted to tell people about them.  I am in process of conducting range of other experiments with them - just haven't posted on those yet! More information on how they work and detect muons from cosmic rays available at CosmicWatch::catch yourself a muon (mit.edu)


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