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Jupiter 26/01/24, w/ BV


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I recently received a 2.6 glass path corrector for my maxbright binoviewers. This helps me get to some nice amplified magnifications with my little FSQ in combo with either a power mate or a Tak extender. 

On Friday I was enjoying Jupiter immensely at x98 with two eyes (2.6GPC, 1.5 Ext-ED, & 18mm TAO) and x169 with one eye. Scale was clearly higher at the higher magnification but I’m not sure there was more detail or it was just easier to see - the jury is out. What was “obvious” though was how much was available to see at just x98 and how steady and sharp (and therefore utterly immersive) it was. 

My sketches are poor but I enjoy making them and enjoy the steady observing they entail - on Friday a pale feature on the western portion of the NEB was catching  my attention. Not a barge but a larger “swirl”. NEB was stormy with darker knots and “nearly festoons”:

This tidy sketch is a bit of a composite impression  :-



BTW big thanks to @Fedele - he kindly posted time aligned confirmation pictures on here. What a lovely community SGL is. 


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I find the detail in cyclops mode is the same in bino mode, but the details are much easier to see in bino mode and my eyes are more relaxed.

Great drawings 👍

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