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Radio Astronomers say "what is this daytime of which you speak?"...

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Some optical astronomers are not affected much about daylight either, though clouds are still a PITA.

Solar work has to be done in daytime.

It is very common for planetary observers of Mercury through Saturn to sketch or image in daylight, as do lunar observers of course.

Bright stars are easily visible telescopically in full daylight, especially through a near-IR filter. One item on my bucket list, and it has been there for years now, is to image as many Messier objects as possible while the Sun is above the horizon. M45 should be trivial. I have high hopes of M13, M36, M37, M92, ...  The main problem is finding them, though offsetting from the Moon, Sun or Venus may be a solution.

So don´t come over all superior. You are allowed to sneer about how clouds cripple us.   😉

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