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Anyone here owns Oberwerk XL Binocular Telescopes?


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Hey guys, I have loved traveling across the globe to see some of the darkest skies on Earth. However, I am in need of a portable stargazing tool that is good for both deep sky and planetary observations. I have been eyeing the Oberwerk XL Bino-telescopes for a while, but the price tag on them is crazy. I just wanted to know if they’d be good for my traveling purposes or if they’re even good at all. Thanks!

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I don't have an Oberwerk XL binocular telescope but I have several self built models and I can tell you that a binocular telescope suitable for wide field and planetary is not going to be easily portable and will also be expensive.  A single telescope is likely going to fit the bill and can have a binoviewer attached if using both eyes is your preference.

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They are good. I owned a BT-100XLED for a while. I wouldn't call the pricetag crazy... comparable to the competition. 

I agree that I wouldn't buy one for travel. Even a 70mm binocular telescope, which I currently own, requires a suitable tripod and mount. With those factored in, that's a lot to lug around the world... and you'd have to keep your fingers crossed that the binoculars don't take any hits along the way and lose collimation.

A portable stargazing tool that is good for deep sky and planetary observing... The best that I can think of is a Takahashi FC-100DC. But again, those require a suitable tripod and mount... and you may find the pricetag crazy 😁

Maybe you could build one of these: https://garyseronik.com/my-8-inch-travelscope/

Or maybe just get yourself a good pair of 70mm binoculars (not a binocular telescope) and leave the planetary observing for when you're at home. That's the best solution I've been able to come up with for myself.

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