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Eyepieces for 102EDT

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Apologies as I’m sure this a continuous question. I’ve recently purchased a Altair 102EDT 715mm for astrophotography. Whilst that will be its predominant use, I’d quite like to start getting into some visual astronomy as well, especially with my children wanting a peep!  

I’m looking for diagonal and possibly 2 or so eyepieces? Budget is around 400-£500, not sure if I need to spend that much but I’d like some fairly ‘nice ones’. 

Any suggestions would be appreciated! 

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My choice... 2" diagonal for maybe if you wish to use 2" eyepieces in the future.


Don't buy the 10mm Stellalyra and get the SVbony zoom now for double stars and planets

Svbony SV215 Planetary Zoom Telescope Eyepiece 3-8mm, 1.25inches Parfocal 56 Degree Constant AFOV, for Short Focus Telescope OTA High Magnification Lunar Planetary Observations: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics & Photo


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I would definitely swap out the 10mm for the Svbony 3-8mm zoom otherwise the highest magnification you could achieve is 71.5x. Another option is to forget the individual eyepieces and buy the Baader 8-24mm zoom eyepiece and barlow. Save yourself a few quid into the bargain.

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