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The tear in the eye of the Romanian guy...


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...waking up by chance at 4 AM after loosing Saturn to the clouds in the evening only to get out in a clear dark sky with a seeing like he has not seen in quite a while...

  • Jupiter :  simply regal , floating like a banded king with all it's four ministers close-by , got all my EP's on him from 24mm to 3.6 mm ( barlowed 9mm Nag)   https://photos.app.goo.gl/VeuEcoHU6ewBeGh8A
  • Venus : amazingly bright and clear , sadly align with the street lights  https://photos.app.goo.gl/WRypzg9BCn6jQ8RQ8 
  • The Moon : my poor pictures can't make her justice , in the velvety darkness my eye could see the whole circle like a magical effigy of Lilith
  • The Orion's Belt and Nebula : first good sightings of the year , they clear the buildings & trees so the signs are here...autumn is coming... 
  • The horrible street lights...yeah, present, as always...



Big Moon.JPG

Little Moon.JPG

Sad state of affairs.JPG

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