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Summer Triangle Challenge


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Hi all,

I’m looking around for a pair of ultra narrow band filters to use with my 2600 camera.  I already have an NBZ to use with my fast scopes but need something a bit more tailored to the light polluted UK skies (Bortle 6-7).  I have had good success with the NBZ even with the Squid nebula but the contrast has been poor in my local skies.

Presently I’ve been looking at the AA DualBand Ultra filters.  I’ve had good feedback from someone but I really need to look at some more images before deciding - they are pretty expensive and my loathing of haloes is extreme!  I’ve seen no images of known problem stars (for example Sadr, 52Cyg) so it’s a bit of a difficult investment decision.

On the plus side these filters do specify out of band blocking (OD 4-5) ‘over the majority of unwanted visual wavelengths’ although cameras do have sensitivity outside the visual wavelengths.

Has anyone experience if these particular filters or any others that are 4nm and have some guarantee of halo free design?  I’m not interested in wider bandwidth or those that are known to produce haloes (l-ultimate and the like).  Some images with problem stars would be great.

Many thanks in advance.


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Bump .. I'm interested in the Oiii Sii (are they actually 4nm and accurate bandpass).

Anybody using these? What certification comes with these filters?

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10 hours ago, Peds said:

I posted my first image with the Altair Ultra 4nm filter (Ha + OIII)

Please update as you get a chance. I am holding off just due to a lack of reviews. Lazy Geek made a video about it and I would prefer to see a second confirmation to exclude production variance.

Have you considered SII + HIII to complement Ha + OIII?

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12 hours ago, Dark Raven said:

Have you considered SII + HIII to complement Ha + OIII?

Not really. I have a mono setup already. This will be a travel setup for dark skies, so I'll do mostly broadband imaging and only the occasional dual band.

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