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Synscan Pro - Manually setting home for tracking - the beginning of a project...

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Been a while since I've been on here, but you guys on here are most likely to know how to help.

I have a Sky-Watcher Go-to mount using a Synscan Wi-Fi module. I am using Synscan Pro on either my laptop or phone. I am getting tired of having to argue with my Go-to mount about where things are, and how long it takes to set-up. Once it is setup, it's actually a half decent bit of kit. However, there are times when I input the stars and it seems like it believes it's concave and looking up it's own Bottom - pointing nowhere near my object goal and into the planet....

My aim is to:

Auto-setup/calibrate my telescope - So, I can lend it to family and friends, and they can just put it down in a field and get watching.

The process I intend going to go through is:

Figure out how to manually insert my 'numbers' into Synscan Pro to make it believe it has been calibrated.

Does anyone know if you can manually insert a home point - i.e. I make the telescope level and point to north, then tell the software this is home? There seems to be something about easy tracking, but I'm not sure it's what I want.

Then, I will use a magnetometer on the mount to test accuracy (suggested +/-1°). I'll start with using it as a compass.

Once I can get the numbers from the Magnetometer (somehow get that auto-inserted).

Then, once I can reliably get my rough home, I can start the more accurate alignment process- e.g. 3-point

This might be enough, but after having this odd random pointing through the planet thing (that once nearly broke the cables), I am going to push on....

This will be the hard part - using a DSLR and pattern matching software, centre the right star/planet in the viewfinder, and then give it the 'OK' to move onto the next point in the calibration.

There are two parts I believe I will need to investigate after this:

  1. A 're-centering' button if I'm a little bit out - it bugs me when the target is slightly off to the side.
  2. Calibration of the stepper motors

Sometimes I get a drift where the object moves out of vision (this could actually be only down to calibration accuracy..?). Either way, sorting this would greatly effect/improve any long-exposure photos.

Does anyone have experience with this sort of thing? Any help, greatly appreciated. Thanks



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