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On the waiting list for Losmandy

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So I went to NEAF this year, excellent speaker line up this year btw, and while I didn’t spend much at the show, I did get on the waiting list for a new Losmandy mount. I am thinking about the gm811g but as a guy who is over 50 who has had knee surgery already, I am kind of waffling on the light weight vs heavy duty tripod. The heavy duty tripod is 35lbs (15.8kg) vs the light weight which is 15lbs (6.8kg) which is significant since I need to carry it to setup whenever I want to use it. I got to see the HD mount at NEAF but not the LW one. The HD was massive with 3 inch (7.6cm) legs and looked stable as a mountain. I can lift it and carry it but just not sure I want to. 

If I were to go with the HD mount, that puts the price within a few hundred dollars of the G11g but the cost is pretty high at that point. I can do it but it’ll definitely hurt the wallet lol!  It’s one of those “buy once, cry once” type of purchases. 

I’m using a Meade LX85 right now and that is pretty portable and stable but the star alignment and ascom drivers are wonky in use and the inconsistency is frustrating. 

I’m mainly visual currently but starting planetary and lunar astrophotography and am thinking about DSO astrophotography but the mount is the basis to everything where AP is concerned as I understand it. My beginner planetary AP setup is currently a Meade SN6 with moonlite focuser and motor, ZWO mini filter wheel setup with Astronomik LRGB filters and a Meade LPI-g advanced monochrome camera. The whole setup is under 20lbs (9kg)

I know a lot of folks here are doing AP and have a wide range of equipment, any one with Losmandy using the LW tripod of AP that can let me know what you think of it? Or any other opinions would be appreciated. I probably have a month or two on the waiting list so I have some time to decide. 



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I’ve got the earlier LW tripod and fixed HD tripod- not the same as the current options but similar i think. The HD is enormous and quite ungainly for moving around but like you say- rock solid. The LW is a lot more manoeuvrable. I was using it first with a GM8 then a G11 with an 8” f4.5 newt. I think if you don’t extend the legs which you don’t really need to do for ap then the LW is plenty sturdy. My problem is the whole building shakes when trucks go by on the arterial road close by- no amount of tripod sturdiness helps!


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Fortunately I don’t have that particular issue lol.

I’m on a street that ends in an apartment complex so unless someone is ordering furniture or it’s garbage day, few big trucks on my street…



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