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New Skywatcher EQ6 Motherboard with USB

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Hello folks,

My old Skywatcher board with the D9 plug just died (and seemed to take the SynScan handset with it) and I replaced it with a new motherboard from RVO with a USB port and USB cable and no EQmod cable.

I'm using INDI/Kstars to connect to the EQ6 with the EQMOD driver.  However, the EQmod driver can no longer see the new card and nor can the SynScan driver (although I imagine if I used the SynScan HC cable into the handset it could). Does anyone know what INDI driver I should use for the new EQ6 USB connected board please?

Kind regards


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According to the RVO website, it's all the same cable.

I've connected and it's working.


Apparently, I could have used a USB cable if I'd set the Baud rate to 115200.  I might try that later.

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Yes, you can use a bog standard USB cable with these new boards.  The boards have a Prolofic 2303 chipset that will give you a new comport when connected.  The baud rate needs changing to 115200 rather then the default 9600 the EQDIRECT comport uses.

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