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lobster claws and bubbles

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Taken Sunday night - first light with my new StellaMira 90ED. Shot with a Flattener, asi2600.

There's a wee bit of tilt I think on the left - I want to replaced the slip in and tighten fitting of the flattener with the same screw in fittings that the 0.8 R/FF has - and see if that gets rid of it.

Other than that though, happy with 90ED - nice tight stars. It's only 4 hours of L-ultimate data, with 5 mins of colour stars.. so its very very noisy.. but really just a test of the new scope.

I tried using af2 (not really a fan for 2 tbh so far - prefer af1) as it has luminosity masks, so used one to try and just guassian blur the background noise... I think it's fair to say that has been of limited success..

I had an opportunity last night to image, by forecast was for rain at 8am.. and I didn't fancy taking the chance it got that wrong - need to get a rain sensor made up ! (got the parts). In the end, it stayed dry and clear all night according to the allsky, so opportunity missed - hey ho.

Next time, I want to try a target with the 0.8R/FF.

Anyhoo, here's what I got.


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So.. some of you are probably just being to polite to point this out... but on shooting the heart nebula sunday night I was surprised to find it now as bright as I suspected.

Yesterday I realised my booboo... and on one of my asiairs I've named the filters wrong on the EFW.. and what I though was my L-ultimate is actually the IDAS D2 SII/OIII filter.


hence my lobster looks a bit different than it should !

It also explains why my attempts at the xmas tree nebula in 'ha' over the last week or so have all been so bad I stopped trying.. not so much Sii in there...sigh.

anyway - normal progress has resumed.

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