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Help with nikon d3100 and samyang 135mm f2

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Hi I've been buying some second hand gear to set up a beginners astrophotography set up . I managed to get a nikon d3100 and velbon tripod to which I have attached a star adventurer Pro pack . I took a few shots with the standard kit lens all was well  so I took the jump and bought a samyang 135mm f2 nikon fit lens and intervalometer so I can start taking some tracked longer exposure of the night sky . Only problem is that when I connect the lens to the camera It tells me to move to the highest f number . Can anyone offer any advice 



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2 options

1) You must lock the aperture ring to  max f so the camera can engage the aperture adjustment lever on the lens. Then, you can change the aperture with the command wheel.

When you change the aperture with the command wheel the aperture ring on the lens doesn't move when the camera actually adjusts the lens aperture.

2) Take a look at the F-mount of your camera, you will notice at the 8 o'clock position a little plastic tab or key, the aperture follower tab. This has to be pushed into the camera body  by another tab on the aperture ring to tell the camera it's in the correct position.

Move the ring to a larger aperture and then push the tab on the body in with your finger nails , if the FEE message prevails, the electric contacts in the camera are not working anymore. If it goes away you can fix your problem with a little strip of cardboard between the tab and the aperture ring.

That's my best guess.


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Right I think I've got it . There is a button  back right from the shutter that I held down that allowed me to turn the dial to correct the f number . I wasn't aware of this as I thought I had to set it manually on the lens. My first dslr 

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