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Taurus Dark Nebula Complex - photobombed by Mars!


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One of my New Year targets was a two panel mosaic of part of the Taurus Dark Nebula Complex, including Barnard 18, a couple of other Barnards and various LBN / LDN objects.

My first attempt was a comical failure. It's always when one rushes that things go wrong. On this occasion, I had to go out for a squash match and so I got everything set up in a bit of hurry, and kicked off an automated sequence on NINA without even stopping to look at the first exposure. When I got back at first I wondered what the massive bright thing on my screen was.... but then had to laugh - while my framing in NINA was perfect, I hadn't bargained for Mars being smack bang in one of the frames! I was later amused to spot an Astrobin user who'd done exactly the same thing!

So back to the drawing board, and I captured the image properly in February.  RASA 11 v2 on CEM120 and ASI2400MC Pro. Panel 1 with Mars (mostly Mars!) 185 x 30s, and the main image totals 230 x 30s (1hr 55')



B18 Mars stretch.jpg

B18 230212 stretch 2.jpg

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