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Strange light in the sky....

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Just a short passage for sharing with you an observation i recently made with using a camera SiOnyx Aurora "Pro" for a time lapse. I was lucky to catch some interesting lights occurring in my urban sky during this session. Details are in the videos. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts about the origin of such lights.

And the original video.


Best regards and clear skies !


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The light traveling from right to left looks like an aircraft. 

The other patch of light could be from a security light or similar, somewhere out of shot reflecting on your lens. There is a similar patch of light later on in the video. ( lower left 1.57)

DIstant lightning also 

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High scotty1. Thank you for your input.

It may be indeed the origin of such lights. I keep on "investigating"... The fluctuating and occasionally not totally homogeneous aspect are also intriguing me.

The lightning activity was not expected in the weather forecast in my area at this moment. I was surprised to see it occurring this night.

Here two more extractions.....





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I agree with what scotty and malc said above. Aircraft (note the fairly regular flashes and some of them red) and "lens flare" (or "ghosts") caused by bright light sources both inside and outside the FOV.

What is going on with the colour though? If you are using auto white balance, try setting it to "daylight white balance" instead. That should result in more natural/consistent colour.

Also, I'd suggest reducing ISO/gain so that your background/sky is dark/darker, which will give you more contrast help you spot dimmer objects against the background, as well as keeping any super-bright objects that might come into frame from totally blowing out. It's your own choice of course. I have examples here of my own efforts at trying to keep the background from getting too bright!

The Aurora Pro looks like a nice piece of kit. Have you tried the HD real-time footage?

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