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AI enhances smartphone moon images


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This is an interesting one and has been bubbling away for a while now. I don’t have a Samsung phone so I can’t comment from practical experience. But it seems to be something to do with a feature called “Scene Optimizer” which, apparently, can be turned off.

I’ve also hear other completely unsupported comments about “adding stars” that aren’t there and the possibility of “enhancing” other familiar astrophotography targets like the Orion Nebula.

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I can't say about the S23, but I have the S21 ultra. The 10x lens is quite impressive for a phone. When I got it during covid lockdown, I zoomed in on an building 150m away and could clearly see a bottle of alcohol gel on the table inside the door. I find the 10x is great, at 30x (10x optical stretched 3x) is good, at 100x (10x optical 10x stretched) is OK you can see what is there but a lot of detail is lost. We had hot air balloons going over our house and in the image we could make out the people in the basket but not with much detail. 

This is an image of the moon at 30x. It is good for a phone and puts a smile on your face that you can do it without a dslr or tripods. As for AI adding detail, I have no idea. It doesn't seem like it and you see it going in and out of focus and adjusting the iso/shutter speed trying to get it right. But smart phones are pretty smart, they can delete objets and replace them with textures that look believable and looks like the deleted object was never there.


This was taken just now at 30x, the building is at the end of my road, about 70-80m away. 



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