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Very Strange Image/Artifact

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I have just got around to checking my individual subs from the 14th February where I left the scope out overnight getting data on the Cat's Eye Nebula.

On one of the 3 minute subs there is this very odd 'firey' pattern which has appeared but all the others, before and after, are exactly fine and how they should be.  Has anyone ever seen anything like this?  I've absolutely no idea what it could be.  Almost looks like an explosion with the shockwaves coming out from it.

The more bluey image is exactly how it looks from the FITs sub and the more orangery one has been run through DSS by itself without any calibration frames.

Clear skies!

TIF Screenshot.JPG

DSS Screenshot.JPG

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11 hours ago, Fegato said:

Interesting! But no idea I'm afraid. What direction is it coming from relative to the horizon?

That is a good point.  Looking at Stellarium, back to the exact time it happened (and taking into account the image is reversed) the 'flash' appears to have come from the South West direction.  My target was North North East relative to my position.  It looks more likely it's either come from my shed next to the left of the scope or maybe neighbour's garden.  Still very strange though, never seen a pattern like it.CatsEyeLocation14_02_2300.16hrs.thumb.JPG.48b12e5d879ed44aaf149e2d5644e7ea.JPG

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Elp said:

Looks like something moving across the field of view and it's pulsing brighter and dimmer, wasn't a drone around?

Not that I'm aware of although I left it running and came in before this occurred. The way the light bars radiate out in increasing radius looks like some sort of shockwave effect.

Think I deserve an APOD for this one 😂

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