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Twin scope setup featuring NoH's mount

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I've been hankering after an addition to my 80ED for some time and decided on a 6"CC to give me the magnification that the little 'frac can't deliver. The first stage in the upgrade process was a more substantial tripod, the Berlebach Uni fitting the bill for that part of the jigsaw, so leaving just the mount to be deliberated over.

It had to be manual Alt-Az and my two existing mounts, AZT6 and AZ Pronto, are individually featured with and without Slo-Mo. I spent some time observing with each mount carrying the 80ED to see which method of moving the scope around I preferred. I quickly came to realise that I could not only live without, but preferred the lack of Slo-Mo controls. I'd narrowed it down to the Giro Ercole and the Rowan AZ75 but with the Ercole sometimes getting less than stellar recommendations and the Rowan looking expensive, I hesitated and cast around for other ideas. Fellow SGL forumite Nicosys suggested the NoH's mount, from personal experience of owning one. It met all the criteria on paper, appeared to be very well engineered and fell somewhere between the Giro and Rowan pricewise. So I took a calculated gamble and ordered the 20Kg rated CT20 along with an extension pier and additional saddle.

First impression is of a beautifully machined lump of well engineered metal, the movement is very fluid and extremely fine adjustment is possible with the tension screws. It has a very satisfying to use feel to it and I can't wait to point it at the night sky.






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