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  1. Asking the dealer to do it sounds like a good idea.
  2. I'd like a more stable and useable mount for my SW Mak 102 and like the functionality and clean design of the AZ-GTI mount, which I would want to use in EQ mode. I can re-use the counterweight from my EQ1 and purchase the Star Adventurer wedge. The Mak 102 is well within the load capacity of the mount and tripod so all looks to be good. However, there looks to be a few potential issues, polar alignment being one and the poor customer support from SW being another. The biggest problem though for me could be the firmware upgrade, which I understand needs to be done on a laptop with a specia
  3. I know Yes, they are expensive, but they will do a price match if you email them the link to the cheaper product listed elsewhere. It's an option in the less than ideal world of very limited choice that we currently inhabit!
  4. It is a big problem everywhere, although these have 8" Sky-Watcher Dobsonian in stock: https://www.astroshop.eu/telescopes/skywatcher-dobson-telescope-n-200-1200-skyliner-classic-dob/p,4440
  5. The forecast turned out to be correct so I set off just before dusk to the highest point in the village and set the scope up facing uninterrupted views toward the horizon. Jupiter became visible well before the orange glow of sunset had faded and aligning the scope on the target confirmed it was indeed the gas giant with the moons also easily observed. Whilst I awaited darker skies and the appearance of Saturn I trained my MAK on to the moon to try out my new eyepieces. The zoom providing very clear views at the lower power end of the scale, but the 32mm Psossl was a revelation with lovel
  6. Hena I am also a beginner and was faced with the same dilemma. In the end I bought a Sky-Watcher MAK 102 - the same scope vlaiv recommends to you, although mine came on an EQ mount. I think it is a very good starter scope, the planetary and lunar views (in my limited experience) are very good although I have not tried it yet on DSO. I did find the included eyepieces to be of very average quality and with poor eye relief. I have swapped them for a zoom lens https://www.firstlightoptics.com/ovl-eyepieces/hyperflex-72mm-215mm-eyepiece.html which is far better optical quality and saves m
  7. Since my original post there hasn't been any opportunity for observing here in Hungary, virtually every day 100% cloud cover. Nobody told me this when I bought my scope! Anyway, Clear Skies are predicting as such tomorrow evening so I hope to be out again at last. Are the two planets still close enough to see together with a scope?
  8. Last night saw an unexpected break in the cloud, I'd left my little MAK outside on the off chance so was ready to go as the opportunity arose. Because of the low elevation I had to position myself across the road on the edge of a field to avoid the treeline, but this only added to the last minute excitement! I think I'm beginning to get the hang of handling the scope/mount combination, finding the target with the RDF as well as switching between my two eyepieces. Starting with the 20mm I amazed myself by quickly being able to observe and focus on Jupiter, the moons being easily visib
  9. Your scope has a relatively short focal length of 650mm, the spec shows a max potential magnification of 260. Using your zoom on 8mm with 3x Barlow would give 244x magnification which would probably be on or exceeding the practical maximum. Simple calculator here: https://lookatthesky.com/calculate-the-magnification-of-any-telescope/
  10. Have a look here: https://www.astroshop.eu/telescopes/10/s,green/a,Teleskope.Empfohlen-Fuer=Beginners there are 50 or so beginner scopes in stock.
  11. I finally made a decision on this and ordered the Hyperflex 7.2mm - 21.5mm zoom and an Astra Essentials Super Plossl 32mm from FLO. This, I think, should cover most bases for the time being and hopefully give me an optical improvement on the standard lenses.
  12. Tiny Clanger, your reference to Yoga antics made me smile! Do report back on your finder "findings". I would like a 6 x 30 scope with a right angle so it mimics the main scope, like this one here: https://tavcso.hu/en/product/6x30a but Zermelo recommends to keep the RDF which means fitting another shoe, either by self adhesive tape which may not be secure or (horror of horrors) drilling the Mak tube. That would presumably mean a disassembly job to remove the swarf. My little Mak hasn't got a huge amount of real estate either.
  13. I emailed the seller of my scope regarding the eyepieces. I received a prompt reply from him: "Hello, these are the new Barium/photo eyepieces, better fit to photo adapters." I then asked him if they were specifically designed for camera use: "You can use it for both purposes. There is no difference between the old and new design regarding viewing comfort. Rubber eyecup helps only to (somewhat) block stray light comes from outside." I guess these are to enable smart phone photography. I'm not hugely enamoured with them, although the 20mm gives a nice crisp image. But the 10mm d
  14. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one struggling with the RDF. I find it doubly difficult when the scope is at an acute angle, requiring bending or crouching to see through it. I also have the problem of sometimes seeing double, ie two objects. I'm thinking of swapping it out for a finder scope, more expense of course - like a lot of hobbies one thing leads to another!
  15. Thank you for the replies, quite a few variables in this it seems, with no obvious answer. I'm in a Bortle 4, on the edge of a small village with a small hill five minutes away possibly giving me Bortle 3 skies. So, potentially good viewing conditions. I'm a varifocal wearer but don't use them to observe. I did think about a zoom lens, but if I have a Barlow do I need a zoom as it would probably take me outside the useable range at both ends of the scale? If it's a fixed EP something in between 10 and 20mm seems obvious, but is it? Sky-Watcher do this one for £99 https://www.astrosho
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