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HCG44 Revisited. Done with


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I've started a project to image as many of the HCGs as are doable from here, and are't so compact as to be a single smudge.

This is HCG44, AKA the Leo Quartet. 9 hours Luminance Bin 1 and 10.5 hours RGB Bin 2, captured with my Trius 694 on the ODK 12 at a totally bonkers 0.46"/px

Unfortunately I had the camera off and on the OTA so many times hunting for whatever is causing the rogue diffraction spike that my orientation gat totally stuffed up needing huge cropping (And there may be more hidden in the background)

I'm calling this DONE, as I cannot be asked to throw good data after bad, I would have to start again.


Onwards to more HCGs, hopefully without any more rotation. North is to the left.

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*** Update ***

OK, having said DONE (And it is as far as data collection is concerned) I revisited this after purchasing a PI licence (Yep, turned to the darkside of of the dark side), and trial licences of Blur XT and Noise XT.

I've been round and round the circuit so many times that I'm getting dizzy, but this is where I've got to so far. I'm sure it can be improved though. 

Raw subs integrated in WBPP, DBE, Blur XT  SPCC, Masked Stretch and Unsharp Mask after LRGB. Saved as PNG


DBE still can't get rid of the dodgy background , so I may just have to knock it down further.


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