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Call for Images of 3/4 inclined spiral galaxies

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Hi Folks,

In my on-going search for dark matter (nothing so far, sorry :)).  I'm trying to replicate the theoretical rotation curve lines for inclined spiral galaxies like m31 and m81 and I was wondering if anyone has some images of NGC7331 or M109 or similar.  Ie not edge-on and not face-on.  This is what I'd like, pretty please:

  • single stacked mages of any spiral galaxies; 
  • 3/4 inclined, not face-on or edge-on;
  • Calibrated frames with biases, darks and flats, and stacked luminescence ie not stretched, cropped or otherwise processed;
  • .fits, .fit or .fts file;
  • the larger the better;
  • Nicely focused.

Thanks so much.

Kind regards,


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7 hours ago, beka said:

Hi SteveBz,

Maybe you can try on the NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database. There are fit images you can download.


HI Beka,

Thanks for this.  I need images that I can ask people about their production (eg is the image calibrated but not stretched).  I'll have a look and see if they match some of the images I already have.  If they do that's great.

Kiund regards,


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