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SQM reads the same but sky looks brighter?


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I was out last Saturday night imaging from my usual spot and although the SQM meter was indicating pretty much the same as usual (circa 20.80) things just didn't seem very dark at all to the naked eye.

Conditions weren't perfect as there was a slight bit of haze but no worse than what I'm used to.

I could make out the cloud of the Milky Way but again it just didn't seem very bright, almost washed out like someone has been adjusting the contrast/gamma.

What has changed is that the street lights have changed from sodium vapour to LED so could it be more of a perception thing?

Also I was using different imaging kit to usual so I couldn't compare previous subs to this session to see if it was better or worse.

I thought that an SQM reading would go lower as the sky fog/glow increased but as I said it was pretty much where it usually is.

Any thoughts?

PS...one other thing that has changed is that I'm getting older but I'd have thought that would make the view dimmer not brighter 😂


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