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'That' green comet.

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Informative video! Thanks for posting; I saw the comet visually (as opposed to via imaging) for the first time this morning not far from the bowl of the Little Dipper. It was a distinctly fuzzy, colorless object through the bins and maybe a hint of color through my 127mm Mak at low power. My image was truly cometary as it captured the hauntingly green glow and some of the ion tail! Much brighter and larger than last week; I can't wait until perigee!

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Well, there was not a comet's chance in Hell of seeing it with the naked eye from my local (Bortle 2) spot last night. With the almost full Moon up there it was like observing from the city. But even with the moon washing out the sky, through a 16'' Dob with 18mm Ortho you could make out a fairly compact nucleus and fan shaped hint of diffused tail.
It's moving quite fast out of the Solar System. In the space of about half an hour it had moved from where it was in the center of this sketch to where the arrow point ends.

Some friends stayed on later than me and saw it occult a star. Now that's something you just don't see every day!


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