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M106 - A water vapor megamaser from Lancashire


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Reading M106's entry on Wiki and I couldn't help but use this description😀

Messier 106 - Wikipedia

BXT has enabled me to find a processing workflow that quickly brings out detail that I knew was lurking from previous attempts at processing this and other Springtime galaxies that I was able to capture using my RC6 earlier this year. This is probably the last bright example but there are others...😉

SM RC6 - TS 2" RC Flattener - IDAS D2 - ASI533MC Pro - RST135E

130x180s (6.5 hours) over two nights

CS, Andy


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updated flattener used
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8 hours ago, fireballxl5 said:

a processing workflow

That workflow has definitely worked well Andy.  Nice detail and subtle colours.  The little wisps of Ha in the arms looks great too!

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