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My image of the moon from earlier this week


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I took this on Wednesday 7th at about 1900hrs.

Fairly standard fare for the Lunar imaging forum I assume, but for me this is the first astro image i've ever taken that I was genuinely proud of, and the first one i've ever edited myself.

I took it with my iPhone X held up to a Hyperion zoom eyepiece which was at around 8mm.  Single frame.  Scope was a 10" dob.

I played about with it in lightroom which is a first for me, and I don't know the program very well at all.  I think maybe I oversharpened it a bit?

Any constructive criticism please?  I'm planning on taking more images over the Lunar cycle and then putting them up on the wall in a series.


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I am constantly and pleasantly surprised by what is possible using a mobile phone camera.

Nice image with good detail.

I do notice a bit of a ghost edge on the limb to the right side of the image. Not sure what may be the cause?

Did you hand hold or use a mobile phone mount on your scope?

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It was hand held.  I took about 10 pictures over the course of about 20 minutes and then just edited the one I thought was the best.

Here is another unedited capture.  I'd guess that whatever ghosting you're seeing was either caused by my wobbly phone or by mistakes I made in editing..  It looked tack sharp when observing it normally through the ep.



Mind if I ask you a question?  If I were to buy an entry level ZWO camera should I expect an end result markedly superior to my original image, or would they both be in the same ballpark after stacking etc?  I'm really new at this.  Never taken a photo with anything other than my phone, and i've had absolutely zero success on either Mars or Jupiter so far.


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