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Using Laser Pointer with the Star Adventurer Tracker


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Using Laser Pointer with the Star Adventurer Tracker
I have just watched a YouTube video about using the “MoveShootMove” laser pointer with a Star Adventurer Tracker.


It recommend you place the laser pointer to shine through the polar scope, attaching it to the eyepiece end of the polar scope.  But,  surely that would damage the lens system of the Sky Adventurer's polarscope.



Screenshot 2022-11-28 183944.jpg

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It'd need to be a seriously powerful laser to damage the optics, I don't see any problem from that aspect. The laser output shouldn't be absorbed to any degree anyway. I'd be more concerned with a) firing a laser into the sky and b) the optical alignment of the laser/polarscope interface.

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I think an easy to follow way of looking at this is to consider whether your laser pointer is capable of setting fire to a piece of paper; if not then it should be clear to you that your optics are going to be able to handle it. The second thing is that you are shining the light through the eypiece of the scope, so the beam is going to diverge, hence the energy density of the beam will be lower as it passes through the optical array.

Also, remember that refracting telescopes can be used for solar projection and that does involve an awful lot of heat being collected by the telescope, yet it does not melt (usually!).

As Wulfrun says, you would need a seriously powerful laser to melt your optics.

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