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18 hours ago, scotty38 said:

No idea on DSS but can I ask why not use PI to stack if you're doing the processing there?

I have used pixinsight but why does it take so long to stack compared to DSS i mean its massively longer.....maybe it does a better job ?

My main PC is quite powerful ,i did a stack last night to try it again with ,darks ,dark flats and flats and 5 hours of 3 min subs ,inc separating the RGB and then recombine all with 1x drizzle it took just over 1 hour ...!!!

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Well I cannot say specifically why it takes longer as I don't know DSS at all. I was thinking more for convenience and compatibility if nothing else, but WBPP can be configured for various tasks including things like local normalisation for example but again no idea if DSS does this too.

Personally, if I was thinking of doing all my post in PI I'd do the pre too regardless 🙂


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I have just switched from DSS to PI.  It does indeed take much longer.  It has taken me nearly a whole day to do one channel, although I suspect I will get faster as I become more familiar with the PI process.  However, the results in PI are, at least to my eye, better than those produced by DSS.  I was also a bit of a sceptic regarding the whole “if you use PI you get to know your data better” thing, but I am slowly being converted to that argument too 😂

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