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Sigma 701 Ori (then cloud!)

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2.20am Saturday, mostly clear, Orion in the south, AR102S frac ready for use.

I tried for the double star Alnitak first - mags 1.9 and 3.7, with separation 2.4".  Going up to x200 I only saw rings and glare/nebulosity, a difficult target.

I wanted to crack a double not already seen, so made Sigma 701 (Ori) the goal.  6th and 8th mags, 6.0 arcsec of separation.  Easily found via Rigel in the 4+ deg of field at x17.  Up to x60, and I got the split - close, clear, with secondary at 4 o'clock.  Rough sketch illustrates.

I would have gone on, but just after this success, everything clouded over at 3.00am.

A short session, but worthwhile, with a new target achieved in the early peace and stillness of a starry night (at first, anyway!).




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Brilliant Doug I went bed at 12.30 after the fire brigade had put a van that was on fire at the back of my house still there at 1.30am I suspect in case it started again. got up at 6.15am sky was clear I could see Mars, Capella, Castor and Pollux that was it apart from the Moon in the South East getting light all the time. 

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