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Insulating a Dobsonian

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Hi all  ( if this is the wrong forum I do apologize )

I am considering wrapping my 10" Dob in some silver foil insulation material that I have left over from a DIY project. As I understand it this should stop dew formation on the tube, improve thermal stability, and make the tube less cold to the touch on those chilly winter nights.  Is this a good idea? are there any disadvantages that I haven't thought of ? 

thanks in advance, 

Harry (astronomist)


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You see people wrap dobs here and there, and they say it does help keeping the scope at a stable temp, but the more common thing to prevent dew is to make a dew shield out of foam.  Its easy to do, its cheap and it doubles as a light shield as well.  How well it works depends on the humidity where you are at.  Here in Ohio a dew shield works for a little while but really only prolongs the inevitable, so i run dew heaters and that handles the problem nicely 

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Thanks for your replies, I have not had any clear sky yet to test the insulation, great scope by the way AstroKeith, like the gold foil, very space age! :smiley:

On 21/11/2022 at 16:18, NGC 1502 said:


lol I saw a thread something like that once in the refractors forum on CN. :angry4:

clear skies


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