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Updated EEVA setup based on a dual camera system (ZWO ASI 290 MM "Mini" X2)


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Hello! :)

Well, after a stupid mistake where I found a way to burn all my video line on my camera: the Runcam, the DVR, the screen, by plugging by mistake the "red wire on the blue wire", i decided to revisit the aforementioned camera by simplifying it and replacing this video line which was used as a wide field viewfinder, by a second 290 MM, which allows me to remove a screen, simplify/secure the power supplies, and take advantage of the SharpCap and Asistudio functionalities for the two cameras....

In short, it gives at the first tests, that.



Quite convenient, nice to use "on the go" ..... The two 290's are running well in parallel on the mini PC, tested in 24 fps, to see if it doesn't freeze... perfect....
The last step is to provide me with a portable power station delivering a clean 220V AC, to be placed next to the tripod, for future nomadic sessions.

This is becoming, step by step, the "Swiss Army knife" of astro/terrestrial observation that I wanted..... :dance: 

Next session will be more dedicated to video observations of astro targets.


Best regards.


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Nice one,, 

I'm into the two camera set up as well,   still on testing. 

Portable  set up

Eq3 Pro,,  WiFi control,,

William optics zenithstar 61,, and 178mc camera,, sw 50 Ed and 120mm camera,,


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