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Samyang Mirror Lens Help Needed

John Wick

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you should be able to get a Canon to m42 adaptor that'd suit whichever mount yours has. You might find one that has the focus-confirm chip but those are usually et for something like 50mm/f1.8 so won't help in terms of image stabilisation, but then that's not useful on a camera with no in-body IS system. Can still be handy if you want to use the lens in daytime tho.

You do want to be checking that the adaptor is thin enough tho to be able to reach infinity focus so worth cehcking any reviews on the one you consider buying.

I think somewhere here I may have a canon adaptor tho no idea what type of canon it'd fit nor where I put it. No use to me since I've Minolta/Sony gear.

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2 minutes ago, John Wick said:


Urth Lens Mount Adapter: Compatible with Canon (EF/EF-S) Camera Body to M42 Lens https://amzn.eu/d/4SBgfar


yep that's the type, M42 to EF

Probably obvious but best to consider handling and mounting. No idea what that weight but you may not want the weight vs distance of the CoG of the lens to be just hanging off the camera lens mount, lest things distort or come away.

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2 hours ago, John Wick said:

Many thanks

I know standard Samyang lenses have a good reputation, but do you have any knowledge of there mirror lens? 

These mirror lenses all came out of the same factory and were badged up under various names including Samyang and Rokinon. Quality control was not good, so sometimes you would get an excellent one, whilst others might be terrible. They are occasionally discussed in the photography world. They need to cool for a fair while and focussing is very sensitive. I use mine as a travel scope.

@DaveL59I have the 800mm f/8 which is large on diameter and not much longer than my Nikon 135 f/2 lens but only half the weight. They also have significant back-focus as they are designed for use with T adaptors to most SLR cameras. I have used an extension tube with mine to clear my tripod and can still focus to infinity and beyond!

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49 minutes ago, DaveL59 said:

Thanks @Mandy D, never seen one myself so can't comment on quality but sounds like a luck of the draw then. pity as Samyang seem to have a good rep on their other products. 

True. But, then, Samyang don't actually manufacture this lens from what I understand. It's a re-badging exersize. A bit like Fiat/Peugeot/Citroen/Toyota in the car world.

I've just taken my 800 mm outside and photographed the Moon. My D800 has focus indication for manual lenses and it was a total pig to get the focus dot to light. Focussing is so sensitive that you only have to touch the lens! I'll tag you when I post photos from it.

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