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I'm looking to find a battery as a remote option for an all-sky camera (12V, 1A, 1.5A peak, camera & heater, etc). I've noticed that most of the astro shops only seem to offer the Celestron battery options. I'm sure there used to be a lot more options offered some time ago. I'm looking for a reliable Li solution that will run the camera for around 8 hours, so maybe 8-12 Ah (although ratings from manufacturers may be optimistic, so perhaps a little more). Any suggestions?

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In general - look at page where that item is listed (power supply items) - there are plenty of options.

Maybe simplest one is to get Long VRLA (or other) 12V battery with wanted capacity. Here is product brief for 17Ah model.


Do be careful that with such batteries you actually want higher capacity so you don't discharge it 100%


With depth of discharge of say 30% (which would be 36Ah battery if you calculate that you'll need 12Ah) - you'll have 1200 cycles before capacity drops below 80% (and since it is larger than you need - it will still have plenty of capacity for your needs).

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