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Taurid meteor shower - peaking over the next few weeks/months

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9 hours ago, andrew63 said:

Caught this possible Leonid on iPhone at 3.39 - Leo to the left and Gemini above.

I have another image taken in the lightening sky at 6.41. Saw nothing naked eye, but 3 trails circling the sickle of Leo just above Regulas near the centre of picture - satellites? Could not find any images taken around this time from UKMON.

Leonid 3.39.JPG

Leonids 6.41.jpg

Re: the second image - I count 4 satellites (probably) and an aircraft. All too easy to pick up satellite trails these days, when the Sun is near the horizon!

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2 hours ago, scotty1 said:

@Leo S I often seen Frankie Lucena' s photos on Spaceweather. 


Yes, I recall the name too.

I wish he'd say which lens he used. Looks like a narrower FOV than the 20mm and 24mm lenses I'm currently using.

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Found the UKMON analysis for last nights sporadic. If you did not already know, you can check here to find specific events if you know the time.

In this case it turns out the ground track of the meteor was approaching 100 km long, during which time it dropped around 18 km, so quite a low angle, but perhaps not quite a grazer. Getting there though!



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  • 3 weeks later...

Still some big Taurids about. I'm not sure if this one UKMON cameras caught (my cameras missed it) was a Taurid, but it was significant:


There was also this event which my cameras did manage to catch, at least partially:


Edit to add: Seems I got the times mixed up on the footage (now rectified)! Also, to be clear, not sure if either event was a Taurid. Certainly the event my cameras caught was not (going the opposite direction to Taurids).

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